Keyword Research 101

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Learn Keyword ResearchWebsites would often compete for visibility by performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques for their webpages. These are methods that modify the content, linking, architecture and layout of websites in order to gain good ranks when it comes to search engine results pages (SERPs). Two of the most important aspects of SEO would be keyword research and learning keyword phrasing because user searches in Google, Bing and other search engines are keyword-based.

You would be able to learn keyword phrasing for free by using free keyword research tools in the internet. For example, top search engines like Google and Yahoo can now show you which words are trending in the internet. Key in the nature of your business in their search bars, and they will display all of the related and trending keywords. Now, you can also use Google ad tools to predict the performance or projected number of searches that the keywords will receive.

Keyword research is crucial because the text content, headers and tags of all items on your site must contain these targeted keywords and their synonyms. While you need to find keywords that are unique to your site, remember that you also need to tap into the common keywords that are used by other companies. This must be done to ensure the chance of competing with common internet traffic. Again, use free web tools to identify unique and common keywords.

Your keyword research must also be competition oriented. You must also know the keywords and back-linking strategies of those who are above your rank. Fortunately, there are free Yahoo tools which will let you “spy” on your enemy. You will see the respective PageRank number (PR) of your opponents and the keywords that they target. By feeding this information to your own software and brainstorming more powerful keywords, you can outrank them. Don’t worry because this practice is completely legal. In fact, internet companies are vigorously doing these to keep their place or climb up in SERPs.

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