Increasing your Web Visibility through Article Marketing

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Learn Article Marketing Today!The first step in article marketing is writing effective articles. By effective, it means that the articles are capable of capturing the interest of the readers to buy the product or service being promoted. After all, the articles do not stand by themselves. They are hosted in third-party websites which are different from the sites of the products themselves. If you want to sell something, you would need to convince the readers to click the links in the articles.

Second, you also need to add a resource box to your articles. A resource box would contain information and links that will forward the readers to your target web pages. Do not forget the resource box because without it, your article ad will be forgettable. Readers would find it inconvenient to do their own search to the item being referred to by the article. The resource box is usually the conclusion in the article. Making it creative, catchy and customized will increase the chances that the readers will click the links.

The next step in article marketing is to submit your work to an online article database. These are popular websites that many people consider as an authority in hosting informational documents and ads. Two highly recommended sites are and These websites are indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo so, if you have good articles, your works can be displayed in search engines’ results pages.

Marketing research and finding leads through article marketing are also possible. You can accomplish this by using appropriate tools that can gauge the traffic and the demographics of the people who reads your article. However, this optional benefit from article marketing can only be done if you attach a poll or online survey with your articles and if the readers will respond to the poll.

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