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So many of your are having a hard time building a sales or email list, and you just can not understand how some of these other guys have lists like 25,000 or even 100,000. Well I can tell you it was not from any one tactic. You need to employ a whole slue of different techniques. Never put all your eggs in one basket. What I’m going to do for you guys today is let you download a great video series that explains in detail what you need to do if you want to really build up your email list. Everything from web design to pop ads to even what type of text and how you should place your opt in boxes. This information transformed our company list in a huge way.

An opt in list of considerable size can make the difference between you earning a $1,000 per month or a $1,000 per day, no joke. You must also learn to leverage other peoples lists in joint ventures. If you do not know what this means, it simply means that you can advertise to marketers lists, people who have lists like 25,000 or more and try to get those people to join your list. Think about it, if even one percent like what you are giving away well that would be 250 from one email. Look in your forums for this type of marketing and opt in list building tactics. Each marketing forum has a joint ventures section. Place a thread saying you are looking to do what is called an ad swap, and offer to send the other guys email to your list and vice versa.

This video series I’m just giving away will really open your eyes to all the major tactics that these huge list builders use. After you watch it you will probably laugh and say, god lord why did not I think of that, it is so simple! I know I did. Remember this, once you build up that list to just 1,000 people which can easily be done in just thirty days, you will have a set of people that trust you, and who you can continue to sell products to over and over again. If only 1% of your customers buy your product, well that is 10 people. The average product these days is around $47. So 10 x $47.00 = $470.00, again all from one email blast! Think of what you could do what that money. Anyways, I’ll let you get to it, and I hope this video series helps! Click here, or the picture, then click the execute file for access to the videos.

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