10 Unpleasant Blog Practices That You Should Prevent

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Learn Good Blogging Practices!No blogger is immune from developing bad blogging habits. As a matter of fact, it normally goes out as you get at ease with your work. So before things get worse, evaluate your blog practices and see if you need to rectify some of them, like the ones listed here – 10 bad blog habits you need to break:

1. Postponement – Bloggers are expected to be messengers of current events, so it’s important to live up to it. When you want to blog about something, do it! Do not dilly-dally because you will never know the significance of the blog topic if you do not create it right away. Worse, you might lose interest in blogging about it at all.

2. Trying too hard – Take it easy when you blog. It is not a school assignment like essay and it doesn’t need to be extensive. Several blogs live through with merely a sentence and one visual image. Just go with the your thoughts and do not force yourself to include descriptions and dramatic lines.

3. Responding late to comments – Other readers actively participate on blogs by their inquiries and feedbacks on the comments portion. Show your gratitude by responding to their comments in a timely manner.  If their queries are not being considered, they would definitely look for other blogs who can give attention to their thoughts and consider their opinions as well.

4. Ignores editing – Checking or proofreading is a must and needs to be performed before publication, even on articles. If not, you might face humiliation and they will start to question your credibility by allowing your error-filled article to be published and be read by many.

5. Not ready for the battle – Not everyone has the talent to write articles in a natural manner . Even if you are great at it, it’s still a good idea to have some sort of outline for your blog entry. Relying too much on your spontaneity can result to a sub-par article composed of scattered thoughts.

6. Not mindful of your fonts – Using different fonts in a single sentence is not good to look at. Even first-graders don’t use that, so just don’t.

7. Having a negative attitude – It’s tempting to use a blog as a place to vent out your pent up feelings. However, ranting over and over again would never produce a positive result. It can even be so infectious to your readers that they’ll end up having a dark cloud over their heads after reading your blog.

8. Letting yourself be interrupted with other things – Catching up on new emails and Facebook updates every now and then are unnecessary. And do not mind your stats! Most websites will only distract you in creating a quality article. If there is really a need to do it, then set your priorities and set a boundary as to the time you will spend on them.

9. Singing your own praises – Everybody is aware that it is your personal blog, but once they read things about you and only you, then they will start to get bored. Entice your readers by having guests that would surely create interest and fun on your account. The focus doesn’t need to be all about you always.

10. Do not be focused on social media alone – Social media is a vital ingredient in blogging, but focusing more on it can be harmful. Other bloggers are giving away most of their time on checking their social media profiles that they fail to remember the updates on their blog.

New Year is not the only time to make resolutions and to set up changes. These routines can be insignificant to others but do not disregard because they can make or break your blog.

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